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Ask a CFP Series with Zack Scott: Put your cash to work

Get your certified financial planner questions answered in PastaDollar's 'Ask a CFP' series.
Zack Scott of Castellan Financial Group and Nicholas Quigley of PastaDollar.com

Your favorite mostly-finance blog just posted our first YouTube video! Joining me is Zachary Scott, a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) who runs Castellan Financial Group based out of Baltimore.

I kept it really simple here. No sponsors, no B-roll, no wacky links. We are still waiting on proper Pasta Dollar branding, so even that got omitted. Back in high school, I made a lot of videos, but YouTube has grown up a lot since then. It was fun to shake off the rust.

Zack and I would both love for this to become a regular series. So if and when you have those pestering finance questions, leave a comment on a PastaDollar post or a YouTube video so we can discuss your question next time. You can also email me directly at nick(at)pastadollar.com if you prefer.

Ask a CFP on PastaDollar's YouTube Channel

Back to the video...We crammed a lot into 8 minutes! Here are direct links to each of these topics that we discuss:
- High Yield Savings Accounts, aka the easiest thing to do with some extra money today
- Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
- Life and Disability Insurance getting cheaper with rising interest rates
- Bonds and Bond Funds/ETFs
- The one thing you absolutely should do if you do nothing else. Hint hint - it's putting your cash to work in a bank or credit union with a high-yield savings account (HYSA).

Let us know what you think! I promise to add more explosions and effects next time. You know, for the kids. After watching, don't forget to like and subscribe on YouTube!