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Blue Chips on the Cheap and Creating Investing Values

Stack of poker chips, including blue chips, representing the best investments
Blue chips are usually worth the most in poker. That's where the term "blue chip stocks" come from - they are the good investments. 

Poppy's Picks & Updates

Poppy recommends looking at Visa (V) and Adobe (ADBE) this month. Visa is about $195 per share and makes money using its payments network. Adobe is about $432 per share and makes money building and selling software products. Poppy Advice: The cheapest price stock is not necessarily the biggest bargain! Try to buy companies whose businesses are familiar to you so you're more confident in what you're buying a piece of.

Investing Values

When investing in anything, you should really think about your values. When you buy a stock (or a fund/ETF), you are indirectly providing money to that company, whatever it is. Should you support a company that makes money spilling oil, like BP? What about exploiting Pacific Rim sweatshop workers, like many major clothing/shoe brands?

Set your values - Little Nicky's is not to buy any stock/investment that gets >50% of its revenue from oil/gas or casinos/gambling. I reason that we should not continue hurting the Earth or exploiting poor people. Climate change is a real thing. In addition to my not liking casinos/gambling in general, some economists call lottery tickets a "poor tax" since they are disproportionately purchased by people with low incomes. Not something I can get behind. Anyway, those are mine. What are yours?


  • No trades this month! Garrett is edging closer to a 100% gain on YETI.
  • Annika, Brenna, Lindsay, Chloe, Milena, and Bryan are still sitting on their $1000 in cash.

Please remember to update the google sheet detail tab when you buy/sell something. I look at the revision history each month so I can include your trade in this newsletter. The summary tab is at the bottom of this email as a picture and the live link to it is here.

Current snapshot of Pasta Dollar / Poppy Seeds portfolio google sheets tracking spreadsheet.
Current snapshot of Pasta Dollar / Poppy Seeds portfolio google sheets tracking spreadsheet.
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