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Launch of the Google Sheet Investment Tracker

Blurry image of the Pasta Dollar / Poppy Seeds Google Sheet Investment Tracker
Blurred here because the data changes in real time with stock and investment prices. See the link in this post for the latest Google Sheet Investment Tracker.

March 2020 is over, and the stock market is going bonkers. It's a pretty exciting time to start this group. No pressure to buy/sell anything sooner than you would like to, given the market's current state of panic.

Personally, given the current state of the market, I'm making retirement contributions (outside of the $1000) to my Roth IRA/401k. The market has undoubtedly dipped, and it is a safe bet that it will be higher in 30 years when I retire. As for individual stocks, I'm still waiting a bit.
If you are thinking of buying something or want to discuss something - reply to the group so we can all weigh in. Poppy is CC'ed, and it would be great to get his thoughts, too.

Public link to Poppy Seeds - Perrone Investing Club Google Sheet Investment Tracker

The Simpsons Mr. Burns with meme text, "A shared investment tracker? Excellent"
This post originally appeared in our family email newsletter called Poppy Seeds, which evolved into the Pasta Dollar website.